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About Levante Breeze

About Us

LEVANTE BREEZE is a multi-brand ecommerce site that brings Spanish fashion to the US market. Based in Los Angeles, Levante Breeze reconnects California with the Spanish Levantine coast with a collection that highlights the commonalities of regions that are as geographically distant as they are culturally related.


Levante Breeze articulates, with its curation of up-and-coming designers and established brands, the joie-de-vivre that is so characteristic of the Mediterranean. Levante Breeze dresses the American woman who wants her business and pleasure in perfect balance, providing her with a versatile wardrobe with which to feel confortable and confident in any situation. In other words, Levante Breeze empowers today’s women to debunk the false choice between career and personal goals.


Levante Breeze has a social responsibility with the society in which it operates. Our items have been designed in Spain with fair work policies and sustainable yet-moderate prices that allow everyone involved in their production and distribution to live a decent life.


CEO & Founder of Levante Breeze
Elena Caraballo


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