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What does Levante mean?

What does Levante mean?

If you speak some Spanish, maybe you think “Levante” must mean “rise”, “lift” or “get up”. Although you wouldn’t be entirely wrong, Levante Breeze means much more than just “Rising Breeze”.

Although in its simplest form, Levante means “East” in Spanish, it is more commonly associated with a region and a wind. The East Coast of Spain, from Almería in the South, to Girona in the North, has been historically referred to as “El Levante”. If you know your geography, you’ll know there’s another region in the world with a similar name: the Levant, whose name shares the same root and most people today refer to as the Middle East.

In the Western Mediterranean, the wind that comes from the East is known as Levante. Its intensity usually peaks in Spring-Summer, which is why most Spaniards link the word Levante with the leisure and relaxation of the hottest season of the year. Places like Mojacar and Altea are known for their beautiful white houses. Coastal jewels like Jávea and Calpe are famous for landscapes shaped by mountains that seem to emerge from the sea. The city of Valencia combines millenary history with forward-thinking philosophy. Ibiza is the global party capital of the world. And across the entire region, you can find the best produce to cook some of the most delicious food in the world: Oranges, rice, olive oil, saffron, grapes for cava, fuet (cured sausage)…

All these great things have inspired a rich culture in which fashion plays a very important role. Much of what we consider summer fashion (thin, airy fabrics like linen; bright colors; sandals, etc.) comes from el Levante and that’s why we decided to bring the origins of that lifestyle to the US, carried over by its caressing breeze.

Before we said that you woulnd’t be entirely wrong if you thought Levante had anything to do with “rising” but we still haven’t given you an explanation. Levante comes from the word “levantar” which means to lift or to rise. Why? Because the sun rises from the East.

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